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Mukava wireless Silent mouse (battery operated)

Mukava wireless Silent mouse (battery operated)

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Mukava wireless mouse (battery operated) noiseless click, beautiful design, small model MSE6

  • Stylish appearance It is refined and lightweight, easy to put in your bag to travel with you.
  • New Design, Comfortable Feeling: Sleek and light design with comfortable operation.
  • Calm and quiet, can work freely without worrying about disturbing others. Get used to pressing the button, the click sound is reduced by about 90%, comes with a quiet wide rubber roller.
  • Easy to use in multiple situations: Fast and accurate tracking can provide a consistent and stable user experience.

Technical Specification

  • Sensor Technology: High Precision Optical Tracking
  • Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi
  • Number of buttons: 3
  • Scroll wheel: Yes - Mechanism
  • Scroll button: middle button
  • Unifying Ready Mouse: Yes
  • Unifying Ready Receiver: No
  • Battery type: Build In
  • Wireless operating distance: 10 m 4
  • Wireless Technology: Logitech Receiver
  • mouse size
  • Height x Width x Depth:
  • 26.5 mm x 59 mm x 107 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 100 g
  • Height x Width x Depth: 14.4 mm x 18.7 mm x 6.1 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 g
  • System Requirements : Windows® Chrome Linux Compatible with Surface™
  • Suitable for users with : USB port
  • Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux kernel 2.6+
  • Windows 10 or later Windows 8
  • ChromeOS,
  • The wireless mouse receives signals via usb wireless, not bluetooth.
  • -nano receiver

Note - ❌ Can't work with phones ❌

Wireless Mouse ကို ဓါတ်ခဲထည့်သုံစရာမလိုဘဲ Usb ဖြင့် အလွယ်တကူ အားပြန်သွင်းပြီး ပြန်လည် အသုံးပြုနိုင်ခြင်းကြောင့် ... ခဏခဏ ဓါတ်ခဲ ဝယ်ထည့်ရတဲ့ ဒုက္ခက ကင်းဝေးမှာဖြစ်ပါတယ် ....

Mouse Click ကို Sliance Type အနေဖြင့် အသုံးပြုနိုင် ABS Material ဖြင့် ပြုလုပ်ထားပေးသော အရေသွေး ပိုမို ကောင်းမွန် သည့် Wireless Mouse လေးဖြစ်ပါသည် ...

အရောင် အနေဖြင့် Light Green Color ကို ဝယ်ယူနိုင်ပါသည် ...

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