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Motion Sensor LED Light Sick

Motion Sensor LED Light Sick

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Motion Sensor LED Night Light, Reading Light Very Compact Size

  • Good Bulid Quality ABS and Very Compact Size
  • Automatically Turn On Sensore And Light Motion Detect Darkness
  • Color is Warm Color
  • With Magnet and Contant Light On / Off Human Body Induction Mode
  • Size - 10 Cm

It uses the principle of human body infrared induction and works with a light sensor to automatically turn on the light when motion is detected in the dark.

Translucent, no glare Can be used as a night light for babies. for breastfeeding change diapers without disturbing your baby It can be used as a bedside lamp for children or a safety lamp for the elderly.

Suitable for home corridors, hallways, hotel rooms, etc.

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