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Car Remote Key Pouch With Short Cable

Car Remote Key Pouch With Short Cable

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Car Remote Key Pouch With Short Cable

  • Color: Brown
  • Size: 9 x 6.5 cm.
  • Strap length: 15 cm.
  • Material: high-quality artificial leather, durable, waxed cotton rope cord.

Leather car key case Keyless car keys or other keys

Prevent keys from scratching things Designed with good quality artificial leather material. Soft and smooth touch surface, compact, lightweight, easy to clean, classic.

How to use:

1. Slide the key ring downward.

2. Attach the key to the loop.

3. Pull the top rope up. so that the leather case covers the key Does not hurt other items put in the bag.

4. Slide down the ring when you want to use the key. and move up when finished The strap can be worn on the wrist or on the bag.

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